Electric Skateboards

Best Electric Skateboards 2022

An electric skateboard gives you all the rush and speed of using a traditional skateboard with extra features to create a smoother and better skating experience.

An electric skateboard comes with a motor that is wirelessly controlled to easily maneuver the board forwards, backward and when doing tricks too.

Check out these top electric skateboards for 2022.

1. Surfwheel

Futurist Skateboard Design

Colour: Black | Speed: 18kmh | Wireless Control: No | Motor: 250W

  • Single wheel design
  • Speeds up to 18kmh
  • LED light

This futuristic skateboard design is halfway between a skateboard and a surfboard, featuring one central wheel and an LED light that illuminates the circumference of the board.

This skateboard can help you get to speeds of up to 18kph and is great for looking cool while you explore your local neighbourhood.

2. Casulo

Tradition Design with Added Tech Specs

Colour: Multi, Natural Wood | Speed: 12 mph | Wireless Control: Yes | Motor: 350W

  • Speeds of up to 12mph
  • Traditional looking board with electric technology
  • Wireless control

This skateboard has all the traditional design aesthetic you would expect complete with electric technology features too.

Able to easily gain speeds of up to 12mph on a single charge, you can also easily control this skateboard remotely too thanks to its wireless control remote.

3. Teamgee

Powerful Motor Electric Skateboard

Colour: Multi Ombre | Speed: 22mph | Wireless Control: Yes | Motor: 760W

  • Powerful motor
  • Made from durable Canadian Maple and fibreglass
  • Wireless control

This high quality and durable electric skateboard has a a 760W motor that can help you get to speeds of up to 22mph on a single charge.

The multi ombre colour is vintage-inspired and gives this skateboard a unique appearance. The wireless connectivity option helps you easily control the skateboard remotely too.

4. Hanico

Great for Adults and Kids

Colour: Multi and Wood | Speed: 20kmh | Wireless Control: Yes | Motor: 350W

  • Great for all ages
  • Multifunction remote control
  • PU wheels for smooth ride

This skateboard has a mid-range motor, which makes it a great skateboard option for adults and kids alike.

The multifunctional remote control means that you can easily control the speed of the skateboard wirelessly, as well as easily break, drive, and accelerate.

The PU wheels also give extra balance and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

5. Tooluck

Solid Ergonomically Designed Skateboard

Colour: Grey and Wood | Speed: 20kmh | Wireless Control: Yes | Motor: 350W

  • Frog eye lights for night riding
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Wireless control features

This skateboard has been ergonomically designed from 7 layers of maple wood and can be easily controlled remotely up to a distance of 14 meters.

The frog eye lights are perfect for riding at night to keep you safe, and this skateboard is ideally suited to adults as well as for kids to ride too.

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