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Top Commuter Electric Bikes for 2021

Deciding not to use your car and to use an electric bike instead is a great way to revolutionise your commute.

Lightweight, compact and easy to fold away when you need to carry it with you as well, an electric bike can help you to beat the rush hour traffic and enjoy a more scenic route to work.

Complete with plenty of powerful features, including high battery power, adjustable frames and a range of speeds. Why not take a look at some of the 5 top commuter electric bikes.

1. Speedrid

Classic Commuter Bike

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 36V 12.5AH |

  • Lightweight frame
  • Safe braking system
  • Lifetime technical support

This electric bike looks like a classic style commuter bike, however, it comes with all the power and speed of an electric bike too.

The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easily portable as well, and the safe braking system with rear and front brakes means you can stop quickly as and when required.

This bike comes with a one-year electrical guarantee as well as a lifetime of technical support too.

2. N/A

Foldable Modern Choice

Weight: 28kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: N/A | Battery Size: 48V/18650 |

  • Lightweight and foldable
  • 3 modes
  • LED lights and horn

This modern foldable electric bike is perfect for commuters to ride and fold up and store on trains too.

This e-bike offers 3 modes to help you adapt your speed to your distance, and this ebike also comes equipped with LED headlights and a horn so you can easily ride it at night too.


Urban Commuter Ebike

Weight: 17kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 350W | Battery Size: N/A |

  • Pre-assembled
  • 20km on a single charge
  • Double braking system

This urban commuter e-bike is perfect for those who need an e-bike fast as it comes pre-assembled. With its powerful 350W motor, this e-bike can go for 20km on a single charge.

This bike also comes with a double braking system with both rear and front brakes, and also has a control option too for added smooth urban cruising.

4. TOEU Windgoo

High-Quality Basic Option

Weight: 15kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 350W | Battery Size: 36V/6AH |

  • Really lightweight ebike
  • Soft seat and thick tyres
  • Cruise speed control

This basic but still high-quality ebike is very lightweight at just 15kg, and its soft seat and thick tyres make for a comfortable and smooth ride. The front and rear brakes offer added safety, whilst the cruise speed control makes this ebike easy to maneuver on the move.


Sturdy and Durable Ebike Choice

Weight: N/A | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 36V 8AH |

  • 21-speed system
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Shock absorbent tyres

This sturdy and durable electric bike is perfect for a comfortable commute and features steel front suspension and shock absorbent tyres for an easy and smooth ride.

With 21 speed systems to choose from, this e-bike easily adapts to any terrain, and this ebike can still be folded up if required.

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