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Best Xiaomi Electric Scooters Review Ireland

For more and more of us, electric scooters are becoming the daily transport of choice.

They are cheap to run, easy to handle, and can be conveniently folded and stored away when you reach your destination.

In addition, they are great for the climate. They use a relatively small amount of electricity and do not produce any emissions. Great for the air quality in your city!

If you have been thinking about joining the scooter revolution this year, you should consider buying a Xiaomi…

#1 Xiaomi Mi M365

An award-winning scooter that takes some beating!

The M365 weighs in at 12.5kg and can travel a maximum range of 30km. It has a top speed of 25km/h.

The 8.5-inch, shock-absorbing tyres are great on smooth surfaces but are also comfortable on light, off-road terrains such as grass and gravel.

It features the M365 dual-brake system; an electronic front brake balanced by a mechanical rear disc brake mechanism. This anti-lock system is excellent for improving safety in low-grip conditions.

Best features
• Dual brake system
• Puncture-resistant tyres
• Great for off-road riding

#2 Xiaomi Mi Pro

A comfortable, reliable scooter with plenty of room on deck.

The Pro is an upgraded version of the original M365 and is slightly larger all round.

The 474-watt battery gives the Pro a 40km range and a top speed of 25km.

The increased range does, however, come with a slight increase in weight. The Pro weighs in at 14.2kgs, 15% heavier than the original.

The bright LED information display allows you to monitor all essentials such as speed, battery life, mode, and lights.

It has three driving modes; energy saver, standard, and sports, which you can switch from the dashboard.

Best features
• Large tread board
• LED display
• Three driving modes

#3 Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Go further and faster with this high-spec scooter.

This scooter is powered by a lithium battery and a high-end 300-watt motor.

It has a massive range of 45 km and cruises along at a top speed of 25 km/h.

It meets the latest European safety standards with LED lights and side and rear reflectors, helping you see and be seen when riding in the dark.

It has a compact, foldable 14.2 kg construction and is suitable for riders up to 100kg.

Best features
• 25km top speed
• Impressive safety standards
• 45 km range

#4 Xiaomi Mi Electric Essential

A lightweight scooter – great for the daily commute.

This is an impressive, entry-level scooter that delivers top-quality performance at a
great price.

Weighing in at only 12kg, this is the lightest e-scooter in the Xiaomi range.

The high-power lithium battery provides a maximum range of 20 km and a nippy top speed of 20 km/h.

Don’t be deceived by this scooter’s weight – this is a rugged piece of kit. The frame is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, and it features tough 8.5-inch puncture-
resistant tyres.

Best features
• Only 12kg
• Puncture-resistant tyres
• Compatible with the Mi Home App

#5 Xiaomi Mi Electric 1S

A versatile electric scooter – great for negotiating the rush hour.

This scooter is a great all-rounder. It is just as comfortable on the daily commute as on a weekend leisure ride.

It has a maximum range of 30km, and the battery will fully recharge from empty in only nine hours.

It can be linked to the innovative Mi Home app, enabling you to monitor various specs in real-time. You can check the temperature, speed, battery life, and more from your phone.

It is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and weighs in at a manageable 12.5kg

Best features
• 30 km range
• Aerospace-grade aluminum
• Fully charged in 9 hours

Xiaomi Scooter REVIEW

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