Off-Road Electric Scooter

Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

An off road electric scooter is a fantastic way to commute, ride for leisure and explore your local area no matter the type of road surface or terrain.

Unlike other electric scooters, an off road scooter can cope with the challenges of uneven roads and different road surfaces.

Take a look at these great off road electric scooters for 2021.


Extreme Speed Electric Scooter

Weight: | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 5400W | Battery Size: 38AH |

  • High-speed dual motor
  • Shock-absorbing frame
  • Off-road 11-inch tyres

This extreme sport electric scooter comes with a 5400W motor with a dual speed feature that means you can reach up to 100km on a single charge.

The shock absorbent frame is designed to cope with whatever terrain you want to ride across, and the off road 11 inch tyres mean you are comfortable and supported as you ride too.


Good Mid Range Off Road Model


Weight: N/A | Foldable :Yes | Motor Power: 500W | Battery Size: 43Km/h |

  • Front and rear brakes
  • LCD screen
  • Aviation alloy frame

This sturdy and well designed off road electric scooter is a good mid range model that features front and rear brakes for added safety, plus as LCD screen to easily monitor your speed and battery power too.

The aviation alloy frame can cope with any terrain and this electric scooter is easily foldable and portable as well.

3. Vests

Durable and Hard Wearing Option


Weight: N/A | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: N/A | Battery Size: 18AH |

  • 11 inch off road tyres
  • Seat included
  • Hydraulic shock absorbing suspension

This durable and hard wearing electric scooter has been designed to cope with all kinds of road surfaces and conditions, and features thick 11 inch off road tyres to provide cushioning as you ride.

The optional seat gives extra stability and balance, whilst the dual speed system and hydraulic shock absorbing suspension mean you can feel secure and in control no matter where you want to ride.


Optional Seat Included


Weight: 20kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 800W | Battery Size: 45Km/h |

  • Waterproof model
  • Seat included
  • High performance motor

This electric off road scooter features an optional seat for added comfort and stability when riding, and is also completely waterproof, so you do not need to worry about water ingress no matter what terrain you are riding on.

The high performance motor can also see you easily reach a speed of up to 45km/h on a single charge too.

5. Southern Wolf

Off Road Electric Scooter for All Abilities


Weight: N/A | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 800W| Battery Size: 10A |

  • Multiple shock absorption
  • Horn and LED display
  • Dual braking system

This easy to use off road electric scooter has a number of different features that makes it a top choice for all levels of abilities.

The multi shock absorption from the tyres and hydraulic shock absorption system make this electric scooter safe and fun to ride.

The horn is good for attracting attention if needed, and the LED display helps to easily see your speed and level of remaining battery.

The dual front and rear braking system is a great added safety feature too.

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