Electric Scooters for Commuting

Best Electric Scooters for Commuting 2021

An electric scooter offers an easy and convenient way to travel to work, and is also environmentally friendly and a great way to save money on your commuting costs too.

An electric scooter provides a lightweight and easily portable transport option that is fast, stylish, and a great way to be on the move. Here are the top electric scooters for commuting in 2021.

1. Deekdgee

Good All Rounder Adult Choice

Weight: 16kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 25 km/h | Battery Size: 7.5 AH |

  • Dual braking system
  • Foldable
  • 3-speed levels

This good all-rounder electric scooter comes with a dual braking system that features rear and front brakes for added consumer peace of mind.

This lightweight electric scooter can be easily folded up and is portable on the move, no matter your destination.

The 3-speed levels include 15km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h, helping you to get to where you need to go faster.

2. Xiaomi

Modern Adult Electric Scooter


Weight: 12kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 500W | Battery Size: N/A |

  • Folds in just 3 seconds
  • Powerful battery
  • 3-speed modes

This modern-looking sleek and stylish electric scooter folds down in just 3 seconds, making it easily portable.

The powerful battery can make sure you reach your destination faster and more easily than a traditional scooter, and its 3-speed modes mean that this electric scooter can handle any road surface required.

3. Windgoo

Simple and Functional

Weight: 16kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 20 km/h | Battery Size: 6.0 AH |

  • Solid rubber tyres
  • LCD screen
  • 3-speed mode

This simple and functional electric scooter comes with 8.5-inch tyres which are designed to absorb any bumps along the way as you ride.

The LCD screen makes it quick and easy to keep track of your battery power and the 3-speed modes mean you can be totally in control of how fast you reach your destination.

4. benson

British Made Electric Scooter


Weight: 14kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 500W | Battery Size: N/A |

  • LED front and rear lights
  • Folds in just 3 seconds
  • British made and one year warranty

This British electric scooter has been made in the UK and is specifically designed for UK travel.

The LED front and rear lights make it easy for other riders to spot you as you ride, and this electric scooter is easily portable and folds down in just 3 seconds.

This British made scooter comes with a one year’s warranty too.


Best for Urban Commuters

Weight: 12kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 350W | Battery Size: 36V |

  • Very lightweight
  • Travel up to 20km/h on 1-2 hr charge
  • LED display

This very lightweight electric scooter is perfect for getting on the move quickly and easily, with the ability to travel up to 20km/h on as little as 1-2 charging time.

The LED display makes it simple and easy to track your speed as well as to see when your battery next needs charging up too. This electric scooter also comes with 3 different speed modes as well.

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