Electric Mountain Bikes

Best Electric Mountain Bikes for 2021

An electric mountain bike is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy outside trails and terrains without losing any cycling power.

In fact, an electric mountain bike can actually support your body to go even faster and this emission-free way of travelling is also very eco-friendly too.

Here are the best electric mountain bikes for 2021.

1. Vivi

Authentic Mountain Bike Feel

Weight: 44kg | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 350W | Battery Size: 36V/8Ah |

  • Adjustable height
  • Assisted pedal mode
  • 3 riding modes

This mountain ebike has all the authentic feel of a traditional mountain bike and comes with assisted pedal mode for easier and more powerful riding.

The 3 riding modes include electric, boost and pedal assist so you can easily adapt your preferred mode to the terrain. This ebike also comes with a removable waterproof cable port too.

2. Hyuhome

All Terrain Mountain Bike

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 26″ 36V | Battery Size: 350W |

  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable super fast battery
  • 3 working modes

This ergonomically designed mountain ebike can handle all types of terrains and has a removable lithium-ion battery that can charge in as little as 3-4 hours and last for up to 60miles.

Able to go up to speeds of 35km, this speedy mountain ebike also comes with 3 working modes so you can adjust the power you require.


Partly Pre-Assembled Model

Weight: N/A | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 36V 8AH |

  • Anti-skid wheels
  • Comes 85% assembled
  • LED smart meter 3 modes

This partly pre-assembled ebike comes 85% assembled so is easy to complete putting together, and comes with anti-skid tyres that are also designed to be shock absorbent too.

This ebike comes with 3 working modes, which include Electric bicycle, auxiliary bicycle, and ordinary bicycle, so you can easily control you perfect speed and power on the move.


Large Battery Capacity Ebike

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 350W/500W/1000W | Battery Size: 48V/13Ah |

  • Large battery capacity
  • Electromagnetic braking system
  • Integrated headlights and horn

This electric mountain bike comes with a large battery capacity that can power this ebike up to 1000W.

It is easy to adjust your speed to adapt to your surroundings, and the electromagnetic braking system is fast and responsive for added customer peace of mind.

The integrated headlights and horn make it possible to ride this bike even in the dark.

5. Macwheel

Stylish and Sleek Design

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 48V/10Ah |

  • LCD display
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Up to 62 miles battery

This electric mountain bike has the battery concealed within the frame, making it a stylish and sleek designed model.

The LCD displays make it easy to check your speed as well as alert you as to when the battery needs to be recharged. The powerful battery can last for up to 62 miles too in certain modes.

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