Electric Bikes for Women

Best Electric Bikes for Women in 2021

Electric bikes for women come with all of the necessary specifications you would expect from an ebike, along with added features too, such as narrower handlebars, greater pedal assistance as well as frames that are more suited to diminutive riders as required.

Here are the 5 best electric bikes for women in 2021.

1. eelo

Ergonomically Designed Women’s Choice

Weight: 16.6kg | Foldable : Yes | Motor Power: N/A | Battery Size: N/A |

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Thumb throttle control
  • LED display and disc brakes

This ergonomically designed ebike is stylish and very light, making it easy to ride and to store too.

The thumb control throttle makes this ebike really simple to control and the LED display and disc brakes make this ebike one of the easiest to see when your battery is running low and has the added safety feature of the disc brakes makes for maximum customer peace of mind.


Battery Integrated Stylish Frame

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 12.5Ah |

  • Lightweight frame
  • 6 speed gears
  • 26 inch tyres

This attractively designed ebike comes with a battery that is integrated into the frame for a more sleek and stylish look.

The lightweight aluminum frame is ideal for female riders, and the 6 speed gears give maximum control no matter where you are riding.

The 26 inch tyres also help to provide a smooth and comfortable ride too.

3. Macwheel

Larger Wheels Smoother Ride

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W| Battery Size: 36V/10Ah |

  • Larger tyres
  • LCD display
  • Lightweight frame and removable battery

This lightweight aluminum frame ebike comes with larger 28 inch tyres for a smoother and more comfortable ride that requires less pedal power.

The LCD display makes it simple to see when your ebike next needs to be charged.

The removeable battery attaches easily into the frame, creating a sleek design.


White Attractive Frame

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 36V/10Ah |

  • Durable attractive white frame
  • 5 working modes
  • Charge battery on/off frame

This attractive ebike has a durable and strong white frame which has a battery that you can charge either on or off the frame for convenience.

The 5 working modes make it easy to switch power options to adapt to commuting, exercise and more.

The LED lights also make this ebike a safe option to ride on darker nights and mornings too.

5. Speedrid

Traditional Looking Reliable Ebike

Weight: N/A | Foldable : No | Motor Power: 250W | Battery Size: 12.5Ah |

  • Reliable front and rear brakes
  • Comfortable frame
  • Battery integrated under seat

This ebike has the traditional charm of your usual bicycle, and its reliable front and rear brakes make this ebike a great safe choice for added consumer peace of mind.

The comfortable seat also has the battery incorporated underneath for a more attractive design look. This ebike also comes with a year’s warranty as well.

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